The Eastern Wood

The Netherlands

Children and teenagers from "The Eastern Wood", a small hamlet of farm houses which are now mostly residential in nature.


Living in small and contained environments is a theme that reoccurs within my work. Sometimes an environment can be physically small or mentally small. In 'The Eastern Wood', growing up in the countryside in a small hamlet is the thread of experience that ties these children and young people's lives together.

There is a certain beauty in the open landscape, in the horses, chickens, dogs and other markers of their childhoods. Yet these photographs of young people in their environments offer notions of lives yet to be embarked upon. 

A teenage soldier about to leave his known life for a tour of Iraq in 2003, the girl who would like to be a model but would otherwise settle for being a hairdresser.

All the children and young people were asked to bring an object of importance  or take me to a place of importance to be photographed.  Some might consider these portraits of ideal lives. Some might not.

a life yet to be embarked upon.