Walk in Greenock

I always like to try something new and a couple of weeks ago took Alastair Cook up on his suggestion of contributing something, as a visiting artist, to an ongoing project of his in Greenock. I had gone to meet Alastair for the first time a couple of weeks earlier during which time he taught me some wet plate collodian and we had a chit chat. Having no time that day, I returned the following week to see what Greenock would offer up to me as way of a story in a short time frame. This is not my usual way of working where meeting and discussions (mostly) take place in advance with people or places I will photograph.

So it was fun. And a challenge.


I will write a longer piece in the future of the afternoon and what happened. Who I met, who I photographed and the stories I was told.

In the meantime, a short post to thank those I met for their time and generosity. I will be back so might bump into you again. If you want to see your photo that I took that day, just drop me a line on the contact form. Cheers!