The Story Portrait

Credits for Image Details are left to right: Peter Zelewski, David Severn and Judy Gelles.

I love (most) web stuff, I love photography, I really love portraiture. I also like to know why photographers choose the people to photograph that they do; what the story is behind the work; the ideas we do not see sometimes when the work is shared, printed and exhibited.

So I started up an online journal where I ask for contributions from photographers of a portrait and a story. This has been in my planning bit of my brain for a long time so I am very happy to have it launched. I am very grateful to those who are generously contributing and sending me their story and image.

It is just started so you can check out the great stories there to date and follow the website on Facebook where I'll post new stories as they are submitted. You can also read a little on why I am doing this over on The Story Portrait website. Thanks to everyone who has agreed to take part so far.