Street Level Photoworks

Ambit: Photographies from Scotland

Work from In This Place will be in the show Ambit: Photographies from Scotland from the  -

Ambit is a new partnership between Street Level Photoworks and Stills, Scotland’s public venues dedicated to photography. The exhibition will be presented across both venues as a joint venture embracing some of the current tendencies and innovative talent from the art photography sector in Scotland.

Margaret Mitchell's In This Place looks at family and home, connections and place and touches on issues of social and personal inertia. Behind a personal familial connection sits a larger narrative of social mobility, environment and choice. Do we have choices in life or are some predetermined to an extent and made for us?

Fundamentally, this is a story of people’s lives: what they do and what they want. Where the ‘place’ is both mental and physical: where we put ourselves and where we are put, sometimes by others and sometimes by circumstance. What puts us there, what keeps us there, and do we want to be there?

Feis Projects: Documenting Britain Group Show

Feis Projects along with Street Level Photoworks are putting on a group show of photographers who have been contributing to the Documenting Britain project. The exhibition is on at Gallery 103 in the Trongate. I am pleased to have been asked to contribute to this show along with 10 other photographers. It runs from 25th April to the 24th May with talks on the 2nd May and the 23rd May.

For this exhibition, I decided to show six portraits of children who all live in Glasgow.

"The portraits shown look at aspects of childhood: from developing an awareness of choice, such as having an active voice, through to most-likely innate behaviours that reflect on wider narratives in society such as gender, play, and conflict. One image reminds us of the fantasy and escapism of childhood whilst another suggests and touches on how children may attempt to shape themselves, often reluctantly, to belong to the group."

This show is part of the Season of Photography in Scotland.