Slogans, selfie sticks and loving the holidays

For someone who thinks they are basically a portrait photographer I seem to take quite a lot of different photos when away on holiday, amongst all the family snaps I mix in some of my old love for documentary. I did do some "real" work on a Mamiya rangefinder but have still to develop the film, there being a distinct lack of labs nowadays.... More on that when the film comes back.

I  mostly snap with Hipstamatic on iPhone just because I find it fun. I joined Instagram a couple weeks back to upload some of these snaps so you can go over there if you fancy. I also got a cheap Lumix GF2  but the wide angle is a bit limiting although nice and flat.

Enough technical-schmechnical and back to the holidays. This year what really struck me was the selfie stick. Not content with the arm length selfie, people now use the selfie-stick (something that has been popular in extreme sports for quite a few years).

Before I start to get all derisive over the selfie and selfie stick, let's not forget we were all snapping away on our Nikon FM's into mirrors and windows, selfie-ing ourselves crazy long before the reverse-view function (not the technical term...) made it easier on mobile phones. But it was in black and white, and on film, and you printed it yourself. Maybe....but really, so what?

The selfie is a different phenomenon now though. In one regard, it acts as a means of putting one's mark on a place; if we were tom cats, we'd be pissing all over the world.

I have always taken snap-selfie's too. But part of the fun was not being quite sure what you would get in or not; bits of noses, forehead, something lovely and/or unexpected. Or nothing at all really.

Anyway, the selfie-stick..... it was everywhere. In Rome, in front of St Peter's, inside St Peter's, at the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum: basically any and all various random parts that looked like they could be, or had been, or might become, ruins. I am part-intrigued, part-embarrassed, part-envious, part-bored of it. Also who can be bothered carrying that around all day?

I was sitting next to what I thought was a selfie-stick at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow recently. After the guy held it in the air for the entire evening (+4 hours) I'm reckoning he was filming (or perhaps partaking in a new selfie craze I'm unaware of ?)

Sorry I'm not going to offer up a selfie stick photo - they are superbly documented elsewhere on twitter and Instagram and there's a kind of kick back where people photograph the selfie stick photographer etc etc etc. It's getting confusing but interesting all the same.

So after the selfie stick let me get back to that slogan - 'Sun's Out, Guns Out'. Yep, gotta love the holidays.