It's quite interesting to have a project being exhibited in different places whilst at the same time continuing to work on parts of it. Work from 'In This Place' could probably be considered quite finished in some ways but in my own life it continues, new work produced. How to wrap up a project that doesn't quite feel like it should wrap up? This is no ordinary project for me, this is personal and because of that it has a life of its own. I work on it every few months, off and on, when it feels right, when it is possible. There are relationships within this work, I am an auntie and great-auntie, we are connected. I am the insider. I am the outsider.

I usually let work sit there before I do anything with it. It sits on my computer screen and I look at it, or perhaps it looks at me. I do small workprints from the local photo shop and stick them on my wall. I live with them, am surrounded by them. Perhaps immersed.