Documenting Britain Project

docbritandreaWEBTHI was kindly asked to contribute to Documenting Britain which is " a creative response to the British Isles by a group of artists, photographers, filmmakers, composers and poets." Founded by Alistair Cook the range of work on show is exciting and diverse. For my own part, I deliver a post every month on an ongoing project. Some people use the project work as a visual diary, some to show larger bodies of work. I am doing it to produce new work with a portrait and a story every month featuring a local person.

I like this marriage between image and text, the ability to look at a photograph and return to it as the text reveals the narrative of who they are and what they do. The story of them, or rather, part of them. Anyway, that is what I plan to do.

My first story can be seen over on the Documenting Britain website now and number two is due to be published very soon.