A little story

girl_stone_dunblane Certain ideas and people have been returned to over time. Family, relationships, bonds. The subject here is my niece, who I photographed several times as she grew up.

Sometimes a photograph has more meaning for the photographer; that is both the beauty and the weakness within the medium. This is one such case of that. For the viewer it is just a girl and a stone. For me it is much more.

I grew up in Dunblane and when the news of the school shooting came out I knew my niece and nephew were at risk. I was phoning from Edinburgh and at first didn't know which school was involved (primary or high) and then I couldn't remember if my niece was still in her final year at primary or not. And if she was I knew the layout of the school and that the p7 huts used to be next to the gym.

No one was answering their phones because they were all running to their neighbours and the schools. And it was all landlines back then. After several hours I knew they were safe. Although my immediate family were not effected, so many in Dunblane were. It is a horror I still find hard to contemplate.

Not long after I went up to Dunblane and photographed my niece. We wandered around a bit and chatted then I took this photo. So yes, it is a girl and a stone but for me it's a little bit more.