Comic Con, Big Lenses and Some of the Best Photographers…ever

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015


I recently visited The Photography Show at the NEC mostly to hear two speakers whom I had long admired – Mary Ellen Mark and Susan Meiselas. When I heard that these two would be at the same place at roughly the same time, delivering talks in the UK,  I knew I could not miss them.



Before attending the talks one could wander the trade stands and also listen to presentations on Creative Cloud workflow and fill-in flash and so on. There was also excellent work on show in the Magnum 30 Under 30 exhibit.

A rather beautiful mix of seemingly incongruous photography worlds sitting alongside each other. And all a bit meta at times with photographers photographing photographers…



Ultimately that is part of the intrigue of photography for me; that you can listen to Susan Meiselas discuss representation and collaborative work practices and then walk out from the ‘Super Stage’ and be faced with albums for wedding photography and consider how people want and use photography in their own lives.

It might be rather discordant but it reminds me that this is a big world of image making and that’s what I kind of like: the difference, the options, the choices. It might not be my style of work but I am happy it is there for others.



Well apart from the (always-female) models assisting the (mostly-male) photographers at the trade show.  I wanted to take their hand and lead them into the talks so they could listen to these great women photographers talking about their decades of image-making on the human condition.

Maybe they managed to go in, who knows, I’d like to think so. Male and female, model and photographer.


In the midst of these colliding photography experiences was a most beautiful sight of people, young and old, attending Comic Con at the NEC. Some other worlds colliding and most likely to their mutual benefit of wants and needs.

I had my iPhone on hipstamatic, what more does a photographer need? Though that blurry edge thing kind of annoys me and I can see my hipstamatic love-affair soon ending because of it.