Family life as a contained environment was explored in this set of images. The mother, my sister, existed as a stable background object to her childrens' daily stories. She fed, clothed, washed; gave the support to allow the children to interact and exist within their own world.

The Raploch, where they lived, scores high in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) and the area's reputation often – and unfairly – tainted discussions before they even began. For myself, photographing my sister and her children, it became a project about children and childhood. In many ways, the area was irrelevant.

The children's lives revolved around their involvement and experiences with one another. Life was interior, contained, linked, inter-dependent.

This work was made in 1994. An updating project 'In This Place' is underway for this series, revisiting the family and telling their current stories.